handshaking figuresDonor Connections would like to offer your clinic (or other associated web site) the opportunity to help your clients find their genetic relatives and receive a share of their membership fee.

We would like to form a partnership with your clinic, and offer you 50% of the net membership fees we receive via your web site. Please be reassured that this offer comes at no cost to you, we are proposing to pay you for members we obtain through your web site. The only costs that may be incurred by you could be from any internal promotion you may choose to conduct.

Some clinics these days are endeavoring to set-up their own donor information websites to assist their patients, donors and other genetic relatives to connect. We already have the world’s most user-friendly donor registry, and would like to help your donation recipients and donors find information about each other if they wish to.

Donor Connections is a very secure site that allows two consenting parties to contact one another, via a third party.

Our membership fees are as follows:

1 Year Membership$50
2 Year Membership$75
Lifetime Membership$100

It is as simple as adding a Donor Connections link to your home page. We can also supply banners and links of different sizes and colors. Any sales through the link will be tracked back to your affiliate page, and you will be paid your partnership revenue on a regular basis. We have an online partnership agreement form which protects both parties’ interests, and outlines the condition’s between you and Donor Connections.

To proceed with this offer, please visit our Affiliate Partnership Agreement and complete the application.

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Alternatively, contact us with any questions.