Family Tree

What do we do?

Donor Connections is a website that aims to connect genetic relatives from sperm or egg donation to one another.

Sperm and egg recipients can list their donation details on Donor Connections to look for a match with genetic parents or potential siblings. Sperm and egg donors can list their donation details on Donor Connections to look for a match with potential genetic offspring.

Where do we do it?

The Donor Connections team offer our information service globally so genetic relatives can find each other, no matter where they live, or where they move to. We currently have 3,100 IVF clinics and surgeries listed in our database, from all corners of the globe.

Members can also add the details of any facility they attended to our database, so the details of every donation can be listed from anywhere in the world.

How do we do it?

The Donor Connections website is very easy to use. It takes you through your registration and the creation of your donation details listing in a few simple steps.

All members can add information about the details of a donation and contact other members with matching details.

Donor Connections has created a simple donation details listing process that lists interesting and useful information about genetic relatives that can be shared. All personal details are confidential and are not displayed on the site.

Why do we do it?

We wanted to offer this service to anyone involved in anonymous sperm or egg donation so they would have a avenue to follow to discover genetic relatives if they choose.

We believe that donor conceived adults and their donors should be supported in their curiosity about their genetic parents; children; siblings; grandparents; aunts and uncles. Discovering facts about the other side of your family can be important for a sense of identity; for medical histories; or to just connect with someone who possesses so many of your qualities and characteristics.

The desire for information about unknown genetic relatives is growing as these types of conceptions become more common worldwide. Discussions are going on globally about the rights of donors and recipients. While the world argues this topic, Donor Connections is endeavouring to break through the barrier and let people connect with one another if they choose.

Donor Connections is a voluntary site for consenting adults. Anyone who does not want to find their genetic relatives, or be found, need not participate and will remain completely anonymous.

Our Story

Donor Connections came about as a result of my own personal experience with IVF and sperm donation.

At the age of 35 I decided to stop looking for ‘Mr Right’ and go after what I really wanted in life – a child. I came up with a five-year plan. My plan was to have a home of my own and a child by the time I turned 40.

In order to do this I had to boost my income, so I persuaded my trivia night team-mate, Matt, to go into business with me. We developed a website that creates ‘trivia night packages’ for anyone wanting to host a trivia night. ( This was my first internet business and became a great success. The additional income from 3 Streets Trivia, and some hard work and determination, enabled me to build a home of my own and have the child I always wanted.

My son was born in 2006 through sperm donated in 2004. Throughout the entire process, and in the subsequent years, I have always been curious about my son’s father and especially about any half siblings my son may have. Our sperm donor is from the same city as us, and was considered to have highly effective sperm, so it is likely that there may be more successful conceptions from the same donor, possibly living close to us.

I wanted to provide a safe; secure; simple to use site where people, in the same situation as me, can search for their genetic relatives and make connections. After weighing up the concept for a few years, I approached my brother, who owns his own website development company, and we founded Donor Connections. The rest is history.